A29: closures Haringvliet Bridge and Heinenoord Tunnel


The moving part of the Haringvliet Bridge on the A29 highway will be renewed in 2023. The Heinenoord Tunnel, also located on the A29 highway, will be renovated in 2023 and 2024. Due to these renovations, the bridge and tunnel are closed to all traffic during nights, weekends and summer months.







Why renovations?

To ensure that people and goods reach their destinations quickly and safely, Rijkswaterstaat is working on safety, accessibility and liveability. On the road and on the water.  

The Haringvliet Bridge is 1 of 13 bridges and the Heinenoord Tunnel is 1 of 8 tunnels in South Holland being renovated. The bridge was commissioned in 1964 and the tunnel on the A29 in 1969. Both are in need of major renovation. 

In 2023, Rijkswaterstaat will renovate the Haringvliet Bridge and the Heinenoord Tunnel on the A29. 

The moving part of the Haringvliet Bridge including the drives will be renewed, and the operating, control and monitoring systems will be replaced. The renovation will be completed by the end of 2023. 

Rijkswaterstaat will, among other things, replace all tunnel technical installations of the Heinenoord Tunnel, and a central gallery will be built between the two tunnel tubes. This will form an enclosed escape tunnel. This renovation will start in 2023 and last until the end of 2024.

To ensure safe performance of the renovation work, the bridge and tunnel will be closed several times. Allow for additional journey time on top of the normal journey time.





Advice to road users 

Rijkswaterstaat will minimise the disruptions. As well as diversions and communications, this includes such measures as adjusting traffic lights to improve traffic flow and campaigns to stimulate cycling and the use of public transport. 

You can also take action yourself to minimise disruption: 

  • ​be well prepared before departing;
  • be aware of when roads or waterways are closed and what the diversions are;
  • check current traffic jams and diversions before you leave via existing apps, rwsverkeersinfo.nl or van AnaarBeter.nl.

And once you are at your destination, please consider:

  • renting an e-bike/bicycle for short distance travel;
  • travelling by public transport. You can buy a Tourist Day Ticket, with which you can visit the whole of South Holland as you wish: touristdaytickets.com;
  • travelling at other times (outside peak hours);
  • avoiding the diversion routes.


Cyclists and pedestrians

During the closure of the Haringvliet Bridge, cyclists and pedestrians can use a ferry. 

There will be no inconvenience for cyclists and pedestrians at the Heinenoord­Tunnel. They can use the Second Heinenoord Tunnel as they do now. For cyclists and pedestrians, the crossing via the ferries at Rhoons ­ veer, Puttershoek and Nieuw-Hekelingen will be free of charge during closures of the Heinenoord Tunnel.



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